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Hestia Home Improvements are approved by JHAI, Local Authority Building Control and certified by the British Board of Agreement, the UK leading construction certification body.
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Conservatories are evolving with consumer demand for a new generation of living space which can be used all year round.

Millions of people across the UK have renovated their home by creating a room that brings the outside in, to enjoy their garden throughout the year. However in reality many conservatories are not usable during much of the year. Letting the outside in does just that, introducing the unprotected heat of the Summer and relentless cold of the Winter.

Hestia Home Improvements have provided countless numbers of customers with a simple solution to getting rid of energy inefficient conservatories with their Insulated Roof Systems.

Why change your Conservatory Roof?

Polycarbonate or glass roofing for conservatories are a widespread problem for homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

Save up to 90% heat loss in Winter and create a cool living area during the Summer. A typical polycarbonate roof provides 8x less and a glass roof 6x less insulation from cold and heat.

No Rain Noise

Reduce that annoying rain noise by replacing polycarbonate roofing with a conservatory insulation system, while offering privacy as neighbours can't look in from above.

No Sunlight Fading

Protect the contents of the room and eradicate fading from direct sunlight (UV rays). If you're worried about loss of natural light, then ask about a conservatory skylight.

Long Life Solution

All of our work is backed with a 10 year insurance guarantee, and finance options are available. Transform your conservatory with expert installation in 2-3 days!
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9 Layer Insulated Roof Systems

Built from lightweight, thermally efficient layers. Finish with Tiled Roof or GRP Fibreglass for Flat Roofs!


New Fascia & Guttering

Rainwater system providing a clean and simple look, ideal in structures with contemporary styling. The manufacturer guarantees the colour-fastness of white rainwater systems for 10 years.


PVCu or Plaster finish

Two dependable ceiling solutions in the finish of your choice. PVCu does not absorb water and is easily wiped clean. Plasterboard is an ideal sound and fire-proof lining.


Insulation Quilt

TLX Silver insulation is a thin, flexible multi-foil for roof and wall applications. Stops leakage by providing an air-tight vapour barrier, restricting air movement in its multi-foil layers.


Timber Batten

Treated counter batten perfect for creating an air gap below rafters. High quality treated sawn timber for general construction uses. Responsibly sourced.


Recticel Insulation Board

The ideal choice for pitched roof, floor or framed wall applications. Recticel will not degrade or deteriorate due to moisture and therefore maintains its thermal performance, offering energy saving benefits to the entire building chain.


18mm OSB3 Board

OSB3 board is a strong, versatile board suitable for structural use in humid conditions and in keeping with current construction methods, working towards healthier homes. This precision engineered panel has no knots or voids.


Damp Proof Course (DPC)

The Damp Proof Course prevents damp from the ground rising up the walls and damaging your property. This excess moisture can affect plaster, decoration and can even result in wet rot, or dry rot affecting unprotected timbers.


Breather Membrane

Tyvek® Supro is a durable, water resistant membrane that is reinforced with a laminated polypropylene nonwoven. This airtight, vapour-permeable membrane can be used for all supported and unsupported pitched roofs.


Tapco Slate Effect Tile

Strong, cost effective, recyclable and attractive, TapcoSlate has the random texture and edges of natural slate, with a 40 year manufacturer guarantee. Impermeable to water. For use with Insulated Tile Roof System.


GRP Fibreglass

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) has a reputation for its strength and durability. As the material is in liquid form it also means there are no joins or seams left on the roof surface after installation. For use with Insulated Flat Roof System.

Transform your conservatory in 2-3 days!

Start enjoying your fully insulated living space, and add to the re-sale value of your home.

Did you know…
Hestia tiled roofs are lighter than glass and therefore we can often re-use the existing aluminium frame, saving you money! Traditional polycarbonate roofs have a limited life expectancy of 10 years or less. A tiled conservatory roof requires little or no maintenance, looks good all the time and comes with a manufacturer backed 40 year guarantee for total peace of mind.

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It might be surprising to you that not all building work carried out by builders, installers and contractors is certified. Unless an installation company chooses to register with a UKAS accredited, government approved certification scheme, their work isn’t assessed, checked or verified by any third party. Hestia Home Improvements are approved by JHAI, Local Authority Building Control and certified by the British Board of Agreement, the UK leading construction certification body.