Frequently Asked

Will having a tiled conservatory roof increase the value of my home? What kind of guarantee do I get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A tiled conservatory roof fitted by Hestia Home Improvements turns the conservatory into a proper room and it will increase the value of your home.

Absolutely. The U-Value (heat loss rating) will drop from around 2.6W/m2K down to 0.15W/m2K which is over 17 times better! That’s why your conservatory will be about 90% warmer in the winter and 80% cooler in the summer which will dramatically reduce your heating/cooling bills.

Yes. It doesn’t just reduce but it totally eliminates the rain noise and sun glare in the conservatory. Watching TV or simply relaxing will not be disrupted by the weather.

Yes. Thanks to the fantastic U-Value you will be able to use your conservatory for any purpose you want including; Dining Room, Lounge, Garden Room, Kids Play Room, etc.

Planning permission is not required to install a solid conservatory roof, as you are only replacing a roof on your existing conservatory.

Yes, our tiled conservatory roofs are fully inspected and certified by the Local Authority Building Control. 

For your confidence and complete peace of mind, we are delighted to offer a 10 year insurance guarantee on all of our tiled and GRP fibreglass roofs. Additionally,  the Tapco Slates we use offer a manufacturer backed guarantee for 40 years. Leaks should be a thing of the past!

Yes, the weight of our solid conservatory roofs is very similar to that of a traditional conservatory roof! The responsibility to ensure the window frames are suitable to carry our tiled conservatory roof lies with our surveyor, who will be checking this as part of our initial survey.

No. The white or light coloured ceiling will reflect light inside the conservatory, maximising its brightness by allowing as much light to be bounced around the room as possible. Installation of the tiled roof and/or insulated ceiling system usually only results in minimal loss of light (around 11% for glass and around 5% for polycarbonate roofs). Given all the benefits achieved from the insulated roof system most of our customers feel this to be an acceptable trade off. Rooflights can also be added, reducing further any light loss.

Roof blinds are used only to provide some shade, NOT to provide insulation. Our system vastly outperforms them in keeping your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.